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Alachua County Board of County Commissioners

(Posted: 5/17/2017)
County Surveyor

Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (TheRide)

(Posted: 9/26/2016)
Deputy CEO, Operations

Connecticut Department of Transportation

(Posted: 3/15/2017)
Transportation Engineer 1/Transportation Engineer 2
(Posted: 3/15/2017)
Transportation Engineer Trainee

District Department of Transportation

(Posted: 5/5/2017)
Deputy Chief of Staff
(Posted: 11/8/2016)
City-Wide Program Support Manager, MS-301-15

Golden Gate Bridge Highway & Transportation District

(Posted: 4/21/2017)

Golden Gate Bridge, Highway, & Transportation District

(Posted: 3/15/2017)
Ferry Operations Manager

Lake County, IL

(Posted: 5/3/2017)
Director of Transportation/County Engineer

Lane County Public Works

(Posted: 5/12/2017)
Traffic Engineer

Maryland DOT-State Highway Administration

(Posted: 5/16/2017)
Team Leader (Transportation Design Engineer V)
(Posted: 5/16/2017)
Team Leader (Transportation Engineering Manager I)

Massachusetts Department of Transportation

(Posted: 4/10/2017)
General Manager and Chief Executive Officer

Nebraska Department of Roads

(Posted: 5/19/2017)
Engineer IV - Bridge

Nevada Department of Transportation

(Posted: 5/24/2017)
(Posted: 5/23/2017)
Engineering Technician 5 NEW!
(Posted: 5/19/2017)
Administrator 2, PE (Project Management)
(Posted: 5/17/2017)
Highway Maintenance Supervisor 1 (Lund)

North Dakota Department of Transportation

(Posted: 5/23/2017)
Director, Department of Transportation NEW!

Oregon Department of Transportation

(Posted: 5/25/2017)
Motor Carrier Enforcement Officer 1 NEW!
(Posted: 5/24/2017)
Survey/Right-of-Way Unit Manager ODOT17-0050oc NEW!
(Posted: 5/19/2017)
Sr. Inspector/Jr. Designer (CES1)
(Posted: 5/15/2017)
Civil Engineering Spec 1 - Quality Control Compliance Specialist/Contract Coordinator


(Posted: 6/28/2016)
Route Delivery Driver (CDL)

Port Authority of NY & NJ

(Posted: 5/19/2017)
Principal Transportation Planner

South Carolina Department of Transportation

(Posted: 2/28/2017)
Structural Lead for Design Build

Virginia Department of Transportation

(Posted: 5/22/2017)
P3 (Public-Private Partnerships) Program Manager
(Posted: 3/9/2017)
Highway Safety Senior Engineer

Washington State Department of Transportation

(Posted: 5/24/2017)
Project Manager - Transportation Planning Specialist 4 NEW!
(Posted: 5/24/2017)
Assistant Project Engineer-PEO NEW!
(Posted: 5/23/2017)
WSDOT Liaison at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers NEW!
(Posted: 5/19/2017)
Design Engineer - TE2
(Posted: 5/19/2017)
Environmental Permitting & Compliance Program Manager
(Posted: 5/16/2017)
SFI Lead / Data Steward - Transportation Planning Specialist 3
(Posted: 5/16/2017)
Project Manager – Transportation Engineer 3
(Posted: 5/16/2017)
Environmental Construction Specialist - TPS4 In-Training
(Posted: 5/15/2017)
Assistant State Construction Engineer
(Posted: 5/12/2017)
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Mega Projects
(Posted: 5/10/2017)
Stormwater and Watersheds Program Manager-WMS 2

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