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Supvy Transp. Mgmt Planner
INTRODUCTION This position is located in the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), Policy, Planning and Sustainability Administration (PPSA), Transportation Planning and Review Branch. Transportation Planning and Review Branch is responsible for developing city-wide transportation policies, plans and activities related to improving mobility and safety of the District's transportation system; and for city-wide transportation planning and coordination, land use and public space management, and capital project development in the District of Columbia. The incumbent is responsible for providing leadership, directing Branch activities, and formulating plans and policies as they pertain to the development of city­wide transportation plans and projects in the District of Columbia. Particular emphasis is on a multi-modal comprehensive approach, balancing public sector needs and private sector needs into coordinated neighborhood transportation policies and plans, and further integrating transportation planning with land use and economic development objectives. POSITION CONTROLS Works under the general direction of the Chief of the Plan Review and Compliance Division who provides general administrative direction in terms of broadly defined program functions of the Division.  The incumbent independently plans, develops, managers, and completes projects, studies and other program related Division work.  The supervisor is consulted and/or kept abreast, as appropriate, regarding program impact, sensitive and controversial issues effecting the Division, Administration and/or Department.  Completed work is considered technically authoritative and is normally accepted without significant changes.  Performance is assessed in terms of, and any reviews conducted by the supervisor evolve around, accomplishing Division goal and objectives; timeliness of actions; and the efficient and effective use of resources (e.g., employees, fiscal materials, etc.)  Recommendation for new programs and/or the alteration of objectives are usually evaluated for considerations such as the availability of funds and other resources, broad program goals, and/or District priorities. Guidelines for the position include general policy statements and initiatives, transportation services and facilities laws and regulations; capital improvements program and budget requirements, grant management practices, local and federal regulations; and professional journals and texts.  These guidelines are often broadly stated and require interpretation to determine the applicability of guidelines to specific projects. The incumbent exercises considerable judgment in interpreting professional methods to develop new evaluative criteria and methodology. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Incumbent serves as Chief, Project Management Branch, and works under the administrative direction of the Chief, Project Planning and Development Division.  Establishes and maintains liaison and coordination with other District Government entities, including the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, Office of Planning, the Department of Housing and Community Development, the Department of Parks and Recreation, and other District Government agencies; the private sector and business groups; Federal government agencies, including the Federal Highway Administration, the National Park Service and the General Services Administration; and citizens of the District of Columbia through Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, community groups and individuals. Supervises staff in the collection and analysis of data on economic, social, environmental and energy effects of proposed transportation projects, and coordinates the development of data on a range of alternatives for the most efficient utilization of transportation services. Provides authoritative information and evaluations of transportation problems and issues and resulting city-wide transportation policies and plans to address transportation problems and issues within the District. Offers comparisons and evaluations of alternative solutions to problems, and clarifies the issues and the choices facing senior level management. Directs research activities to identify new and improved policies and methods to provide safe and efficient city-wide transportation services. Directs staff efforts in preparing broad comprehensive city-wide transportation studies and projects designed to assure conformance with District and Federal transportation policies. Develops and maintains reporting systems to keep the Division Chief and other officials advised of the implications and status of major projects and studies. Conducts feasibility analyses for specific city-wide transportation programs and projects. Directs the development of procedures to ensure the effective coordination of recommended polices, plans and programs with stakeholder groups such as other administrations of the Department, other District and federal agencies, business groups and citizen groups. Oversees the evaluation of consultant recommendations for city-wide transportation policies, services and programs. Directs the preparation of decision papers for senior level managers' review and approval. Oversees preparation of scopes of work and guidelines for consultant services. Develops guidelines for the preparation of procurement requests for the commission of major city-wide transportation studies. Develops monitoring and assessment procedures to determine whether established goals and objectives of the Department are being met. Maintains close contact with Federal Highway Administration to assure District compliance with federal regulations and guidelines to receive federal funds. Coordinates the monitoring and assessment procedures with other District Department of Transportation administrations and offices, other District agencies, federal government agencies and community stakeholders. Reviews and advises the Division Chief on the implications of technical reports prepared by federal and regional transportation agencies and directs the preparation of recommended policy positions on regional transportation activities that affect the District.  Work is reviewed in terms of successful and timely fulfillment of planned goals and the overall contribution to the mission of the Department. Directs the preparation of correspondence and reports regarding city-wide transportation policies and plans. Directs the preparation and coordination of technical reports and other information in support of Council of the District of Columbia legislation and federal legislation related to transportation within the District. Attends Council of the District of Columbia hearings and congressional hearings to support the Director of the District Department of Transportation, the Associate Director of Policy, Planning and Sustainability Administration and other Department officials as appropriate. Directs the development and maintenance of city-wide multi-modal transportation plans for the District. These plans will provide the basis for investment of District and federal resources through the establishment of long-range policy objectives and near-term and long-term capital investment programs.  Manages policy development and strategic planning that identifies methods of achieving the mission and long-term goals of the Department. Directs the preparation of capital project financial plans for improvements to the city­wide transportation system and to target transportation capital investment to stimulate economic development and stabilize neighborhoods. Coordinates capital project plans with the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, other Department administrations and other District agencies to ensure that capital projects to improve mobility and transportation safety are coordinated with other Department and District Government goals and policies. Coordinates transportation polices and plans with city-wide land use, economic development and parks and open space goals and objectives of the District. Holds corrective interviews with subordinates and as appropriate, recommends disciplinary actions. Approves and disapproves leave and recommends promotions, awards, reassignments, and other status changes or recognitions. Where labor-management agreements exist, deals fairly with union representatives and employees. Performs other related duties as assigned. OTHER SIGNIFICANT FACTORS Mastery knowledge of the mission, functions, operation and goals of DDOT, its policies, regulations and procedures related to multi-modal transportation plans and projects; and to provide technical expertise in the review and consolidation of agency comments on private development project and public space permits applications. Thorough knowledge of the concepts of public administration, transportation and urban planning, and regional planning and coordinating sufficient to provide expertise and leadership in the development of implementation of transportation plans; and develop project descriptions for transportation services and facilities for the District of Columbia.  Expert knowledge of and skill in the application of analytical evaluative theories, methods, concepts; and a thorough understanding of how public transportation laws policies and regulations are administered, to select and apply appropriate evaluation and measurement techniques in developing program priorities.  Demonstrated skill in the assessment of program effectiveness and efficiency of operations; and to devise plans and strategies to meet existing and future requirements related to transportation planning and projects. Demonstrated knowledge of and expertise in the application of plan review techniques and methods.  Working knowledge of engineering standards, practices, policies, and guidelines in order to provide advice regarding options to staff engineers and assist in major decisions regarding changes, progress and necessary negotiations. Demonstrated skill in the oversight, review, interpretation, and preparation of comments on private sector design plans and permit applications for consistency with Department standards. Thorough knowledge of land use and zoning regulations of the District of Columbia as well as a thorough knowledge of Department public space regulations and design standards. Excellent skills in providing technical assistance to management in developing, analyzing, evaluating and improving the effectiveness of work methods and procedures throughout the administration.  Monitors internal administrative reports to assure that Mayoral and administration goals and objectives are met as scheduled.  Identifies problem areas through observation and evaluation and directs concentration in areas identified. Ability to provide leadership in a supervisory capacity and team based environment; and in securing the support and cooperation of the subordinate staff. Excellent oral and written communications skills sufficient to prepare and present information and proposals to management officials and other interested parties and the general public involving complex, controversial, or sensitive issued transportation issues; and to identify planning alternatives, and obtain public and private sectors input and comments. This position has been designated as an emergency employee position under the provisions of District Personnel Manual, Chapter 12. As such, your services may be required in emergency situations to perform crucial duties, i.e., snow removal, debris removal, transportation, shelter operation, food distribution, and communication. These duties may be performed when the government is closed or when most employees are dismissed early. To Apply:

Posted on: Wednesday, September 06, 2017
This listing expires on: Thursday, October 07, 2917

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