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To apply, visit: Job Summary Public Space Manager, MS-301-14 Salary Range: $99,659 - $139,522 Agency: Public Space Regulation Division Area of Consideration: Open to the Public Opening Date: November 28, 2017 Closing Date: December 8, 2017 Duration of Appointment: Management Supervisory Service (At-Will) Introduction This position is located in the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), Public Space Regulation Division (PSRD). The incumbent is responsible for managing the Public Space Permit Management Branch programs. Work in the position highly technical, complex and requires application of project management methods, and mastery of high-level analysis and of the Division. The incumbent reports directly to the Deputy Associate Director, PSRD, who provides general administrative direction in terms of broadly defined function of the organization and mission of the agency. Incumbent independently establishes Branch policies, objectives and priorities to ensure compliance with Federal and District of Columbia regulations, guidelines and codes, and exercises wide latitude and independent judgment in making decisions relative to program operations. Qualifications Knowledge of urban and transportation infrastructure planning, and demonstrated ability to apply technical guidelines, regulations standards, codes and principles related to public space, structures and ROW; evaluate transportation infrastructure improvement programs, request for permits to use DC public ROW/space; and to manage large complex street and roadway improvement projects. Demonstrate leadership implementing complex project objectives and making independent decisions that are impacted by multiple technical, political, safety and national security implications. Skill in balancing the integration of technical requirements with program and project business processes. Knowledge of Federal and DC procurement regulations and procedures, capital improvement processes, appropriated budgeting, methodologies and ability to work with confidential and sensitive data of major importance. Knowledge of Federal and DC financial and accounting regulations, business practices guidelines and practices of the DC Treasurer’s Office, and Office of the Chief financial Officer. Knowledge of Geographical Information Systems, computer mapping systems, and automated permitting systems. Demonstrated skill in operating Microsoft Project Office Suite, including work processing, messaging systems, spreadsheets, WEB-based applications; and engineering design, project management and CAD software. Duties Plans, establishes, and manages program policies, objectives and priorities of the Department to ensure compliance with Federal and District of Columbia regulations, guidelines and codes for the safe and secure constructions and rehabilitation/improvement of approximately $250 million dollars annually in streets, alleys, roadways, bridges, underpasses within all District of Columbia Wards. Provides a high degree of team oriented leadership, independence and initiative to achieve Department and program goals and objectives. Determines the Branch’s short and long-range manpower requirements. Serves as the primary point of contact and technical expert for all public space permits, and as the Executive Secretary to the District of Columba Public Space Committee. Promulgates rules and regulations, approves Public space occupancy agreements, transactions and manages the issuance of permits. Develops and implements comprehensive plans to integrate all required functions, technical requirements, program and project processes with contractor needs; regulatory requirement; and stakeholders (i.e., public utilities, private contractors, Federal, state and local government) interests. Prepares an annual and multi-year forecast of rental and permit fees. Monitors and track fees and revenues collected from the issuance of permits. Monitors and analyzes financial and permit issuance transactions to ensure efficient operations, compliance with applicable regulations and guidelines. Licensures, Certifications and other requirements This position has been designated as an essential/emergency employee position under the provisions of District Personnel Manual Chapter 12. As such, your services may be required in emergency situations to perform crucial duties, i.e., snow removal, debris removal, transportation, shelter operation, food distribution, and communication. These duties may be performed when the government is closed or when most employees are dismissed early. The incumbent is subject to shift work and will be on call seven (7) days a week, twenty-four (24) hours a day, in case of emergencies. Must possess and maintain a valid driver's license. Education Bachelor’s Degree preferred. Work Experience 3-5 years

Posted on: Wednesday, November 29, 2017
This listing expires on: Saturday, December 09, 2017

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