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Chief Engineer/Engineering Branch Manager - Principal Executive/Manager H

Chief Engineer/Engineering Branch Manager - Principal Executive/Manager H (ODOT17-1919oc)

Chief Engineer/Engineering Branch Manager - Principal Executive/Manager H (ODOT17-1919oc) description image
Announcement: ODOT17-1919oc
Chief Engineer/Engineering Branch Manager - Principal Executive/Manager H
Highway Division – Engineering Branch

Innovator.  Strategist.  Engineering Expert.  Visionary Leader.  ODOT has an exciting opportunity as our chief engineer and Engineering Branch manager – a pinnacle engineering leadership position in a dynamic transportation climate.

This executive level role strategically leads, manages, and integrates the work of five section managers across a wide spectrum of technical disciplines. The sections of the Engineering Branch are Bridge Engineering, Geo-Environmental, Right of Way, Traffic-Roadway, and Geometronics/Survey. This position participates in critically important statewide leadership, management, and steering teams within and external to ODOT.

The Engineering Branch ensures appropriate statewide consistency in engineering and technical policy, procedure, and practice. That engineering and technical oversight reduces agency risk and ensures compliance through governance of the engineering and technical aspects of project development and construction. The Engineering Branch is responsible for researching and analyzing best practices and trends related to transportation solutions and is on point to maintain key strategic relationships with regulatory agencies and other business partners. The Engineering Branch conducts value engineering and other review activities; develops tools, techniques, analysis, and performs specialized and as-requested direct work in support of region project delivery. A key responsibility for the Engineering Branch is to ensure systems entrusted to ODOT are understood, managed effectively and efficiently, and ensuring that maintenance and systems improvements are performed in a timely manner.

The chief engineer approves all agency engineering standards, practices and procedures and ensures ODOT stays in compliance with federal and state statutes, rules, and regulations. 

We invite members of all diverse communities to join our workforce as we endeavor to best serve Oregonians from every background. ODOT values diversity and inclusion because they are good for Oregon. We believe that by welcoming differences, encouraging new ideas and views, listening to and learning from each other, and providing opportunities for professional enrichment we are better able to serve those around us. We thank you for considering this employment opportunity.

Additional Details:
  • Discover more about working in Oregon state government.
  • The successful candidate will become part of the state's management team.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide oversight and leadership in establishing, implementing, and maintaining engineering and technical standards and practices.
  • Lead and support improvements and innovation in engineering and technical disciplines and how work is performed.
  • Develop the quality control/quality assurance minimum requirements for the engineering and technical disciplines and ensure each of these disciplines has an effective and efficient program.
  • Resolve major design and engineering issues resulting from conflicting standards, needs, public desires, and technical limitations.
  • Coordinate with and work in unison with the statewide project delivery manager to support the Project Delivery Program and engineering work of the agency.
  • Lead and manage the Engineering Branch through the five Engineering and Technical Section managers by providing progressive leadership, clear direction, effective coaching, periodic performance evaluations, and specific feedback.
  • Establish and monitor the Engineering Branch's annual budget, work plans, and performance measures.
  • Ensure open, timely communications throughout the branch.
  • Manage and ensure statewide program funds are administrated, allocated, and expended in accordance with each program's requirements
  • Provide direction, advice, and support to local government agencies.
  • Represent the Engineering Branch on statewide teams and committees.
  • Assist in communications with external stakeholders and participate in statewide or national transportation groups.
Please click here for a full list of duties and responsibilities.

Minimum Qualifications:
Eight years of management experience in a public or private organization, which included responsibility for each of the following:
a) Development of program rules and policies,
b) Development of long- and short-range goals and plans,
c) Program evaluation, and
d) Budget preparation.
In the "Work History" section on your resume, you must clearly describe your experience in each of the a), b), c), d) areas listed. Failure to provide this information may result in eliminating your application from further consideration.
Special Qualifications:
A current, valid Professional Engineer's (PE) license in civil engineering is required. If registered in another state, successful applicant will be required to obtain professional registration in the state of Oregon within six months of hire.
Desired Attributes/Application Scoring Criteria: In addition to your related work experience and education, we will use the attributes below to determine whom to interview. You are not required to have all of these attributes, but please make sure that the ones you do have are clearly demonstrated in your application materials. Your application materials may be graded on spelling, grammar, punctuation, and presentation.

  • Professional civil engineering experience including experience in a supervisory management role in the civil engineering discipline.
  • Experience with project development processes and knowledge of the engineering and technical standards impacts related to meeting scope-schedule-budget targets.
  • Adept decision maker and visionary leader of significant organizational initiatives and change.
  • Demonstrated commitment to planning, developing, and constructing of environmentally sensitive, multi- and inter-modal transportation systems.
  • Innovative, forward thinker with a track record of exploring new technology and ways of accomplishing work within limited resource availability.
  • Excellent communicator and coalition builder with the ability to manage the conflicting priorities of diverse stakeholders.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Oregon state, county and local government operations that affect transportation development, delivery and operations.

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This recruitment closes at 11:59 PM on January 29, 2018. Apply today! Click here to learn more or to apply.

For questions about the job announcement or online application, please call 503-986-7146 or email

ODOT is an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.

Posted on: Monday, January 08, 2018
This listing expires on: Monday, January 29, 2018

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