NCHRP Project 20-7


NCHRP Project 20-7, Research for the AASHTO Standing Committee on Highways (SCOH), provides SCOH with a means to conduct research needed by the Committee and its Subcommittees to fulfill their responsibilities. Research projects are conducted as “tasks” under the 20-7 project number as the Committee approves work.

Proposals may be submitted only by AASHTO committees that report to the Standing Committee on Highways. The NCHRP 20-7 program funds projects that are beyond the capabilities or resources of the volunteer-based AASHTO committees. These projects are smaller than the typical NCHRP project and typically require quicker turn-around. Funding for a single project cannot exceed $100,000, and the duration of these research projects is usually less than 12 months. This program is directed at research needs involving technical issues, and often includes the development of a new product or substantial upgrade to an existing item. These research funds cannot be used for purely editorial work, nor to support travel to attend conferences. These funds also may not be used to support publication printing costs, production (e.g., copy editing, formatting, layout/design), or distribution of information.

Research results from this program are not published by NCHRP, but are instead furnished directly to the requesting committee or subcommittee for its use in furthering committee business. The requesting committee has the option to publish the research results through AASHTO if they so choose.

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