NCHRP Project 08-36, Research to Support the AASHTO Stranding Committee on Planning (SCOP), is a flexible, ongoing program of quick-response research designed to develop improvements to the analytical methods, decision-support tools, procedures, and techniques employed by practitioners in statewide and metropolitan transportation planning, programming, and development.   Initiated in 1999, it has been widely recognized by the AASHTO Standing Committee on Planning as an important source of quick-response research of interest to the transportation planning community and an important element in the strategic plan of the SCOP.

Research projects are conducted as “tasks” under the NCHRP project 08-36.  An NCHRP project panel receives research proposals continuously during the year through this webpage.  The panel meets once a year to select projects for funding.  NCHRP administers the project.

Research proposals may be submitted by anyone.  These projects are smaller than the typical NCHRP project and typically require quicker turn-around. Funding for a single project normally will not exceed $100,000, and the duration of these research projects is usually less than 12 months. Research results from this program are not published by NCHRP, but are instead furnished directly to SCOP members and are also made available to the public on www.statewideplanning.org. Final research reports are also available on the NCHRP Project 08-36 webpage at http://trb.org/Projects/Public/FindaProject.aspx.

For additional information, please contact:
Lori Sundstrom
NCHRP Staff Officer

Have questions? Email network.manager@transportation.org or mhardy@aashto.org with any comments or troubles you may have.

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