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Deadline for TIG Nominations:

Nominations are due by September 16, 2011

TIG Nomination Criteria

For a nomination to even be considered by the Executive Committee, the technology must meet the following definition:

  • A TIG “Technology” definition:
    • Currently used by one or more Transportation Agency
    • Nomination submitted by an AASHTO Member organization
    • Must be out of “proto-type” phase

Technology nominations can only come from AASHTO Members (that includes all State and local DOT’s, and FHWA).  Nominations will be evaluated according to the following criteria

  • Technology Description –
    • The term “technology” may include processes, products, techniques, procedures, and practices
  • State of Development
    • Is used and successful in one or more agencies
  • Payoff Potential
    • Offers a high benefit if implemented in other agencies
  • Market Readiness
    • Requires a low effort for integration into other agencies

TIG Solicitation Process

Please submit your complete Blank Form to this website by September 16th 2011.  All qualifying nomination will be reviewed and rated by the TIG Executive Committee.  Results are usually announced in late December, early January.  All nominations will receive correspondence after the rating process.

Have questions? Email with any comments or troubles you may have.

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