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FY 2010 Scanning Program: Call for Proposals
The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) is pleased to announce a call for proposals for the joint AASHTO/FHWA/NCHRP International Highway Technology Scanning Program for fiscal year 2010.

Since 1990, the U.S. has reached beyond its borders to expand transportation knowledge through the International Highway Technology Scanning Program. Over 60 scans have been conducted to date, resulting in a wealth of information and benefits to the U.S. transportation community. The program links U.S. highway experts with their counterparts around the world to learn about the newest technologies and practices. Scans are normally conducted early in the innovation cycle, helping put a particular technology or practice in context by evaluating it in practice outside of the U.S. environment. This allows the U.S. transportation community to learn from the successes, as well as the failures, of other countries in order to avoid duplicative research and development and to accelerate improvements to U.S. transportation facilities.
On the left of your screen you will see links to following web Pages:

  • Instructions and Details on the Scan Proposal and Selection Process
  • Highlights from Recently Completed Scans
  • Sample Proposal
  • Blank Proposal Form
  • List of All Completed and Planned Scans by Subject Area
  • Submit a Proposal
  • List of Submitted Proposals
  • Frequently Asked Questions about the International Scanning Program

These pages contain all the information needed to submit your 2010 International Scan Proposal.  This year’s deadline for submissions is in September 2008. Please read over those web pages and contact Keith Platte at with any questions or comments. 

Have questions? Email with any comments or troubles you may have.

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