Instructions and Details

Instructions and Details on the International Scan Proposal and Selection Process

Deadline for International Scan Proposals:

Scan proposals are due in September 2008

International Scan Proposal Process

Scans can be proposed by FHWA, AASHTO and indirectly by NCHRP Project Panel 20-36 “Highway Research and Technology – International Information Sharing,” as detailed below:

FHWA - Scan proposals may be submitted by FHWA Program Offices and through the Resource Center.  Proposals originating from other offices (i.e. Division Offices) must be channeled through a Program Office or the Resource Center.  Each proposal must be endorsed by the Associate Administrator of the corresponding Program Office or Resource Center Director.  Proposals may be submitted for co-sponsorship by two or more Program Offices or by the Resource Centers and a Program Office(s).  In such case, the proposal must have endorsement from the Associate Administrator of each of the corresponding Program Offices and/or the Director of Field Services.

AASHTO - Scan proposals may be submitted by any AASHTO committee or subcommittee dealing with road transportation.  Each proposal must be endorsed by the relevant committee or subcommittee chairman.  Proposals may be submitted for co-sponsorship by two or more AASHTO committees or subcommittees (i.e., cross-cutting scans).  In such case, the proposal must have endorsement from each of the corresponding committee chairmen.

NCHRP Project Panel 20-36 – Other non-AASHTO or FHWA scan proposals (such as transportation industry associations or academia) may be submitted to NCHRP Project Panel 20-36.   Project Panel 20-36 will evaluate such proposals and forward promising ones to the relevant AASHTO Committee(s) for consideration in preparing scan proposals.

International Scan Proposal Form

Please submit your scan proposal by clicking here.  You will need to upload your proposal file using the documentation format of Blank Proposal Form.  We ask that you please fill out the form and submit your proposal online. 

A Sample Proposal Form is available for your guidance.  Please be thorough when completing the proposal form.  Proposals may be returned with a request for further information or development.

International Scan Selection Process

Scan proposals will be reviewed, evaluated and jointly selected by members of FHWA’s scan evaluation group and NCHRP Project Panel 20-36. 
FHWA - The FHWA scan evaluation group includes one delegate representing the Resource
Center and one representative (at the Office Director level) from each of the following
Program Offices:

Office of Infrastructure
Office of Planning, Environment and Realty
Office of Operations
Office of Safety
Office of Federal Lands Highway
Office of Research, Development & Technology
Office of Policy
Office of Professional and Corporate Development

NCHRP Project Panel 20-36 – NCHRP 20-36 includes members from AASHTO’s Special Committee on International Activity Coordination (which is made up of members from the Standing Committee on Highways, its subcommittees and other AASHTO committees dealing with highway transportation), State Departments of Transportation, local governments, private sector associations and academia.  

In addition, AASHTO’s Special Committee on International Activity Coordination will review the scan proposals and will develop recommendations for consideration by the FHWA/NCHRP scan selection group.  These recommendations will be provided to the scan selection group prior to their review and evaluation of the scan proposals.
International Scan Evaluation Criteria

Scan proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Whether the proposed topic represents a current issue that needs exploring.
  • Whether the topic is of nationwide interest.
  • Whether the topic already been sufficiently covered on previous scans.
  • Whether similar efforts are already underway elsewhere or duplicative.
  • Whether the proposed topic has the potential to produce technologies and/or practices that the U.S. highway community could adopt/adapt.
  • The probability of this scan being successful.
  • The anticipated return of the scan with respect to its cost.
  • Whether an FHWA Program Office is willing to fund and sponsor the scan.

Number of International Scans To Be Selected

Four scans plus one alternate scan will be selected for FY2009 (in priority order).  

Selection of International Scan Team Members:

All scans will have an AASHTO and FHWA co-chair.  AASHTO team members are selected by AASHTO Headquarters.  FHWA team members are selected by the Associate Administrator of the respective Program Office or by the Director of Field Services.  Other team members (report facilitator, local government, academia, and private-sector representatives) are identified jointly by the scan co-chairs in coordination with the program sponsors.

Implementing International Scan Findings:

Scan co-chairs and team members will have prime responsibility for organizing and participating in actions to disseminate and implement useful scan results in the United States.  In addition to the production of a scan report, follow-up actions may take the form of articles, presentations, workshops, full-scale demonstrations, revised technical guidelines/standards, etc.  Whatever the activity, scan team members, as well as relevant AASHTO committees and FHWA offices, are expected to play a primary role in implementing promising scan findings in the United States.

AASHTO and FHWA seed money is available to promote early implementation of promising technologies and policies identified on the scan.  In order to be eligible for implementation seed money, each team is required to form an implementation sub-team and develop a scan technology implementation plan (STIP).  A Scan Implementation Working Group, made up of one representative each from the FHWA, AASHTO and NCHRP Project Panel 20-36 reviews and the STIP proposal and concurs on the funding allocation.

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