List of Submitted Proposals

Below are proposals that have been submitted for consideration by the NCHRP 20-68A project panel.

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Name: Marlon Spinks
Agency/AASHTO Committee: Committee on Right of Way, Utilities, and Outdoor Advertising Controls
Title of Scan: Maximizing Connected And Autonomous Vehicle (Cav) Success With Strategic Utility Facility Accommodation
File: mccleve J_AASHTO_CY2020_autonomous connected vehicles utility accomodation.docx
Date: 10/24/2019

Name: Christopher D Schmidt
Agency/AASHTO Committee: Illinois Department of Transportation/Environmental and sustainability
Title of Scan: Use of Solar Photovoltaic Systems In The Right-Of-Way
File: SchmidtChristopherD_IDOT_CY2020.docx
Date: 10/24/2019

Name: Caroline Kieltyka
Agency/AASHTO Committee: AASHTO Special Committee on Freight
Title of Scan: Implementing Reservation System Technologies for Truck Parking at State Facilities
File: PateR_WSDOT_CY2020.docx
Date: 10/24/2019

Name: Sam Fallaha
Agency/AASHTO Committee: FDOT
Title of Scan: Fiber Reinforced Concrete for Highway Structures
File: FallahaS_FDOT_CY2020.docx
Date: 10/24/2019

Name: Chad Allen
Agency/AASHTO Committee: Committee on Performance Based Management
Title of Scan: Best Practices For Developing, Implementing And Maintaining An Effective Bridge Management System
File: AllenC_VAOT_CY2020_final.docx
Date: 10/14/2019

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