Sample Proposal

Provided here is a resource to formatting your US Domestic Scan proposal. Strict adherence to this format is not required, but the information indicated in the template should be the minimum provided. Please see the section "Instructions and Guidelines" for helpful hints on providing the selection panel with the information they need to make an informed decision. Refer to What Makes A Good Scan? When writing your proposal. Each selected scan topic will be investigated in one of three ways.

  1. Through site visits to three to six locations over a one or two week period, conducted by a group of eight to 12 transportation professionals with expertise in the selected topic area.
  2. A Peer Exchange or Workshop
  3. A Webinar

Proposed topics should meet the following criteria:

  • Address an important and timely need for information by transportation agencies;
  • Are of interest to a broad national spectrum of people and agencies;
  • Are complex and also “hands-on,” meaning they lend themselves particularly well to exploration through on-site visits; and
  • Are sufficiently focused that the tour participants are able to investigate and understand key issues in the limited time available on the tour.

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